The return and exchange are considered as a part of every business. Customers tend to return the parcels due to various reasons. is definite when it comes to serving our customers. Kindly go through the listed exceptions included in our return policy-

· If the customer has received the medicine of different quantity or strength then he/she can return the product and can receive the full value amount of the medicine. 

· If the delivered product comes with inappropriate packaging for example- If the packaging is open before the delivery or the wrapping is inaccurate, in that case, the customer can return the product to the company. 

· No returns of the parcel will be accepted if the medicine purchased has the same components but the name is different. This is stated because generally, medicines hold a different brand name or generic name but the components and effectiveness remain the same. 

 · In case the customer wants to return birth control pills, then he/she needs to send the product back to us. Once we receive the product, we will initiate the refund procedure within 4-8 working days depending on the payment mode. 

 · In the case of abortion pills, the customer is restricted from sending the parcel back to us. If the reasons are suitable as stated then a full refund will be directly provided within 15 business days based on the payment method.  

· If the customer wants to cancel the order after it has reached the customs in such cases the customer has to cancel his/her order by visiting the (United States Postal Service) USPS office and apply for the cancellation process. 

· If the parcel is delivered with appropriate packaging, the right product, and on time and still the customer asks for return at the time of delivery then the parcel will not be returned as such issues are considered as irrelevant.